Secunderabad to Venkatapuram, Venkatapuram to Secunderabad

Bus/Route.No. Starts At Final Bus Stop Bus/Route.No. Starts At Final Bus Stop
21 Secunderabad Venkatapuram 21 Venkatapuram Secunderabad
First Bus Time 5:35AM First Bus Time 5:00AM
Last Bus Time 10:50PM Last Bus Time 11:30PM
Frequency 0:25Min Frequency 0:25Min
Stop No. Stop Name Stop No. Stop Name
1 Secunderabad Junction 1 Venkatapuram Last Bus Stop
2 Clock Tower 2 Lothkunta Bus Stop
3 patny 3 Lal Bazar Bus Stop
4 JBS Bus Stop 4 Hanuman Temple(Tirumulgherry)
5 Kharkhana Bus Stop 5 Tirumalgherry
6 Tirumalgherry 6 Kharkhana Bus Stop
7 Hanuman Temple(Tirumulgherry) 7 JBS Bus Stop
8 Lal Bazar Bus Stop 8 patny
9 Lothkunta Bus Stop 9 Clock Tower
10 Venkatapuram Last Bus Stop 10 Secunderabad Junction
Note: above bus timings will not accuracy, it was approximate time.


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